About Us

Arreglo Consulting,INC stands for a change, a change in how technology is made useful, a change in how to make things simple for the end user of a technological system and a change in how to deliver on commitments. Our main focus is to provide you best and complete solution. We are new and innovative company our strenght is our team and our approach. We strive hard to follow process and deliver exceptional services to our customers.

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Staffing Consulting

We provide solution for all your staffing related work. We have trained and experienced recruiters and HR professionals who find best fit for every requirement.


IT Staffing

Arreglo consulting, founded with a revolutionary spirit of leading the way of IT business. We are on the mission of becoming most respected IT Staffing service and solution brand. To do this, we emphasize the support for our employees so that employees can support the best to customers.


Business Consulting

We provide best in class business, IT and HR consulting. Whether you are facing a problem or wants to optimize process please let us give you solution fit for you.

it management


We believe that everyone needs to focus on his core business area. But there are things to be developed or taken care of which is equally important.

Consulting service

We are providing wide range of Consulting Services & World wide happy Clients